How AI Is Transforming an Online Translation Service Near You?

Nowadays, with decent technological advancements, everything is going under automation. A couple of domains including various business sectors have started using tech tools to enhance the overall performance and get the maximum possible outcomes in an efficient and effective way.

If you look around, you will be amazed to see Artificial Intelligence playing an unbelievable role in different departments including but not limited to sports, education, business, and many others. We’ll see them later in this article.

As far as the human language translation industries are concerned, Artificial Intelligence is gaining prominence. According to Ofer Shoshan, – CEO of One Hour Translation (OHT) – Neural Machine Technology (NMT) has the capability of capturing nearly half of the international translation industry within the next 3 years.

Many reputed global organizations are introducing AI into their translation systems and are getting successful in their efforts. According to a study, AI can replace the businesses of around 20,000 language translation companies and 500,000 human translators.

What Is Artificial Intelligence & How It Relates To Translation?

Well, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of a robot or a machine to perform certain tasks that are usually performed by human beings in routine life. These robots and machines are controlled by the computer.

In other words, AI enables computers to perform intellectual tasks including but not limited to problem-solving, decision making, and comprehending human communication. AI has started doing wonders in the field of translation.

AI translators are advanced artificial intelligence-based digital tools that are not only known for translating the word either spoken or written but are also capable enough to translate the meaning of a complete message. It is indeed nothing less than a miracle. This is how technical language translation has become more accurate using AI.

How Does AI Help Amazon, Google, And Microsoft In Translation?

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, without a doubt, are the business giants and are ruling the whole world with their superb services and products. They have also taken aid from Artificial Intelligence to expand their global businesses.


In 2019, Amazon published a case study mentioning that the company is in need of website language translation services to expand its international business. For this, Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduced an AI-based tool namely “Amazon Translate”. These days, Amazon is operating in different languages including but not limited to Spanish, French, Italian, and German.


It is a huge search engine being used almost everywhere around the globe. Google translator also uses Artificial Intelligence and is translating over 100 regional and global languages.


Microsoft Translator is a superb translation services software that helps developers as well as all the users to benefit from AI-based translation even if they have no access to the internet.

What Makes AI-Language Translation Credible?

With the decent advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence, a couple of the latest AIs have been developed to serve you in the best possible manner.

In fact, nowadays, a number of people are involved in using AI-based language translators to convert any global language to the desired one. AI translators, with a wide range of real-life applications, are serving you in several different ways. Some of them are listed and discussed below.

How Does AI Translation Support Your Business?

AI translators are benefiting small as well as large-scale businesses. The entrepreneurs and chief executive officers can communicate with their business partners and clients from across the globe.

For instance, if you are a distribution manager in a company and you want to export your stock to different countries, AI-based translation tools can help you communicate with the global community. Many brands are relying on business document translation services to improve the overall efficiency thereby spending less time.

AI Role in Global Sports

A wide range of sporting events is arranged where thousands of athletes participate from across the globe. Due to differences in regional and national languages, the players find it very difficult to properly communicate with each other.

To improve the communication ability of different sportsmen coming from around the world in international sporting events like the Olympics, artificial intelligence-based translators act as their helping hand and help them effectively communicate with each other.

How Are Social Media Channels Aided With AI?

You must be aware of famous social media channels including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter. They use artificial intelligence-based algorithms to help the users translate a huge variety of information published in different languages.

AI Plays a Crucial Role in Tourism

Suppose you are planning a tour to a fairly new place and you don’t know the regional languages of that particular region, it would be very difficult for you to spend time over there. But, a couple of digital tools are available for AI-based translation. You can search online for the best translation agency websites to get help with any kind of translation service.

Does AI Have the Power to Replace Human Translators?

AI, without a doubt, has captured a huge portion of businesses but cultural transfer and emotions are the biggest challenges for this technology. Similarly, some words in English carry different contexts and they can create complications for AI.

For instance, the word “woods” is often used to depict forests and it also means a tree’s timber. Keeping these factors in mind, human assistance will still be required for AI translators to incorporate emotions, tone, context, and other similar factors.

It is also a fact that machine translation services can never perform their tasks well without the involvement of human intelligence.

Is The Future of AI Translation Bright?

The future of AI translation, as of now, seems pretty bright. The researchers are even performing trials to implement artificial intelligence to communicate with animals. According to a Swedish organization, they have implemented AI to develop a tool having the capability of translating the sounds made by dolphins.

Final Words

Artificial intelligence is helping a wide range of sectors near you to use the best algorithms in language translation to communicate efficiently and effectively with the global community. From sports to social media and tourism to the business domain, every sector is benefiting from AI-based language translators.

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What are the Benefits of a Medical Reports Translation Service?

Did you know that over 350 languages are spoken in the United States of America? Also, the country is home to over 44.9 million immigrants making up 14 percent of the national population. No wonder why the US is called a melting pot.

While English is the main language spoken in the USA, at least 15% of households speak another language to each other.

No matter what language you speak, healthcare is a primary necessity of everyone which is why efficient healthcare certified translation services are downright essential.

This is one place where we can’t afford to make mistakes. After all, sound communication can ensure good treatment. In fact, it can save a life and several trips to the notary. And many patients in the US speak different languages than their physicians.

Translating medical documents like prescriptions, instructions, and records has become common in cross-border healthcare services.

Here we are sharing with you some key advantages of professional certified translation services for medical reports. Read on to learn why you need them.

But first of all, let’s go through this brief definition of medical reports translation.

What is Medical Translation?

Medical translation, as the name implies, is the practice of translating medical documents or reports for health care, claims, pharmaceutical companies, regulatory, marketing, and technical documentation.

Medical document translation is important for healthcare professionals to provide the right care to patients who speak another language.

Healthcare professionals are required to communicate clearly and effectively with the patients no matter what language they speak. Having access to a certified translation services provider that is approved by the notary can help explain or translate medical histories to both physician and patient.


Producing an Accurate Translation:

When someone faces a medical emergency, time is valuable for a patient and a physician. Neither the physician nor the patient can afford to misunderstand each other. But language barriers can lead to mistakes and confusion.

The slightest error can change the whole meaning of the document, leading to deadly mistakes in some cases.

An efficient medical translation service can help eliminate mistakes caused by miscommunication or language barriers. This way, certified translation helps physicians better understand the reports.

Improving Patient Care:

Documentation has been a key to making sure that the patient’s medical history has been precisely recorded.

A written certified translation that’s provided to physicians lets them see the right picture of the patient’s records and health questionnaires.

It also lets the physician determine if their questions are being understood by the patient.

The communication between patient and physician becomes smoother which then leads to better treatment.

Eliminating Common Mistakes:

Not all language translates accurately into another one. It is easy to make mistakes, especially when you use some sort of language software or online translator. And those silly mistakes can become bigger when it comes to providing the right type of healthcare for a patient.

When you use professional translation services that is approved by the notary, the physician generally gets two records they can utilize. They have a transcript of what has been created in the patient’s language as well as the translated copy of the same.

It helps them determine if the things are said and understood precisely, thereby capturing the intent of the physician’s efforts to communicate.

Physicians and healthcare professionals no longer need to worry that they are not able to provide the best treatment possible due to the language barrier.

Making Medical Research Accessible to All:

Medical translation services also play an important role in clinical research. When a clinical study is done in a foreign country, many of the documents which are produced locally have to be translated back into the original language.

For example, a research document in German, Italian, or any other language can be useful for American medical practitioners if translated into English. A translation software like Google translators might not be useful for serious work like research.

That’s why it is important to hire a professional medical report translator who can translate the research work into the language you speak.

So you must have understood the benefits of working with a medical report translation service provider. If you are looking for certified medical translation services approved by notary, look no further than Transaption.

At Transaption, we offer accurate translation of medical reports from hospitals, physicians, and medical clinics. We strive to offer you the best service at best prices. Contact us for certified translation services; also available for MRI scans, blood tests, and other lab reports.


Things to Consider While Selecting Your Legal Translation Service Provider

The Global Translation Services Market size was valued at USD 39.37 Billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 46.22 Billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 2.07% from 2021 to 2028.

We are not done here.

Legal, ALONE, accounted for the largest market share of 37.36% in Translation Services Market in 2020, with a market value of USD 14,709.03 Million and is projected to grow at the highest CAGR of 2.33% during the forecast period.

Despite the facts, quality legal translation services are a rare find. Why?

Legal translation is quite a complicated and specialized area in the translation industry. This is because, in case of any errors, there can be serious consequences for the law firm, its clients, and all other involved parties. If you need to select the best legal certified translation services, here are some helpful tips:

Make sure your legal translation service provider specializes in legal translation

Medical translation, administrative translation, commercial translation, technical translation, are just some translation specializations that exist. Generally, translation providers have specialized teams that are dedicated to all these disciplines. You need to consider a certified translation service that focuses primarily on legal translation, employs specialists with an extensive understanding of the legal industry. Legal translators need to be familiar with the various legal jargon and you need to make sure that they do not make mistakes when they interpret your legal documents. You will also get valuable legal support if your translator understands the law.

Select a reputed legal translation service

You need to work with a legal certified translation service that has a good work reputation. You can check the history of the company online and learn about their previous clients. You can assess the reputation of the company, check their references and contact their old references. A reputable legal translation service can help you understand and deal with the intricacies and obstacles of foreign languages.

Moreover, if your legal translation service has a good reputation, you can trust its credibility. Proficient legal translation services often make efforts to maintain accuracy, keep client data safe, and guarantee client satisfaction. Therefore, with such service providers, you can easily receive accurate high-quality translations that are correctly formatted along with excellent customer service.

Understand their confidentiality policy thoroughly

When you are dealing with legal matters, you are trusting a third person with confidential matters that might prove to be difficult. Selecting a dubious or unreliable organization can put the safety of critical legal documents in jeopardy. To avoid such fiascos, make sure that you learn about the confidentiality policy of your legal translation service before hiring them. Ensure that legal translation services adhere to a tight, strong, and robust confidentiality policy. This can include signing a Translator’s Confidentiality Agreement and employing robust measures such as cybersecurity tools and foolproof data protection to preserve sensitive data and legal documents.

Verify their certifications

You can see if a legal translation service is reliable if they are properly certified. Courts and government departments need evidence to confirm that all legal documents presented in court are valid. As a result, you need to submit a certified translation along with all documents. Therefore, you should use a certified legal translation provider and notary. You can even try to opt for a service that comes under the Association of Translation Companies. This is a regulatory company that mandates its members and ensures that they follow a rigorous code of conduct.

If you want to hire a freelancer, you need to choose a legal translator that is a member of some applicable professional organizations. A member of the AIIC, Institute of Linguists, and Institute of Translation and Interpreting association are ideal.

Verify that the legal translator you want to hire is familiar with the law of the target region

Your legal translator needs to be proficient with the law of the target and the source country. Not all legal procedures around the world have the same legal jargon or even vocabulary. When your legal translator comes across legal terms in other languages, their raw translation may not convey the most precise meaning. Hence you need a fluent translator who is familiar with the law.

Communicate your requirements properly

Legal documents can include footnotes, signature pages, cover pages, handwritten notes, etc. Make sure that your translation provider knows which content needs to be translated. Discuss other details like the format, tables, graphs, and images. You may prefer bilingual content or a monolingual structure. You can ask for glossaries, guides, and reference materials to maintain consistency.


A legal translator needs to have a comprehensive understanding of all the legal terminologies and experience in both the source and the target languages. Therefore, you cannot underestimate the significance of picking a high-quality legal certified translation service.

At Transaption, we offer high-quality certified translation services delivered by our ATA certified translators. Whether you are looking for a Spanish translator or Portuguese English translator, our online translation services are available in over 200 languages. Other than standard and authentic certificate translation services we also offer Notarized Legal Document Translation. Contact us today!


What Is Technical Translation?

A Guide to Technical Translation

With the likes of AECOM, the huge global engineering company pulling in a staggering 9.1 billion dollars this year, it’s not difficult to interpret that global technical businesses are thriving and making a real impact on the economy and requiring specialist services such as technical translation and more.

But what does that mean? What is a technical translation, how does it differ from the work a standard translator does and why is it important? Let’s take a look and find out.

What is technical translation?

To help us understand a little better about the kind of work a technical translator does. Let’s start by looking at what a general translator does.

General translator

A general translator is an occupation that many of us have heard of and the type of translation they are involved in is fairly well known.

The skills required for general translations are often used in business meetings such as general document translations such as emails, or sometimes the translator will be live in the room translating in real-time.

Although this is indeed a skill that is required, often if companies are involved on a larger scale with business outside of their own country, or even for a specific project, they may require a more technical kind of translation.

What does a technical translator do?

A technical translator who understands the specifics of a company or its business area may be required to translate scientific, mechanical, industrial, or other business-specific documents.

These can often be in the form of technical guides, specialist documents, and other texts which relate to the actual practical application of technological and other kinds of scientific work.

Those who are proficient in Technical translation will cover the translation of documents that require a high level of specialist knowledge or texts which require the translator to have an in-depth knowledge of terminology and a great understanding of the subject requiring translation.

“A technical translator who understands the specifics of a company or its business area may

be required to translate scientific, mechanical, industrial, or other business-specific documents.”

Why is technical translation important to get right?

It goes without saying that technical documents need to be translated by experts in that particular field of business.

In order to provide an excellent service in technical translation, it’s important that those undertaking the work have full knowledge of not only the crucial linguistic skills required to translate, but also understand how the language fits into a technical or scientific subject field. A fully qualified technical translator will also have extensive knowledge of the subtle nuances of technical language.

Many of the industries which require such specialist translation services, such as medical, construction, engineering, and technological organizations could find themselves the subject of costly lawsuits if translations are incomplete or poorly executed.

If companies decide to cut corners and either choose a cheap poor quality service or decide to not bother with the cost required to get an expert, professional translation service for crucial documents it could lead to further and potentially increased costs in the future.

Expert technical translation service

If your company requires medical, scientific, technological or any other kind of business documents translated get in touch with us here at…


With many years of experience in technical translation, we pride ourselves on being one of the lowest-priced technical translation providers in the industry, with a quality service.

With our specialist team available around the clock, you can guarantee we will be on hand wherever you are in the world. Get in touch with one of our friendly team to discuss your translation project.

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Certified Translation Services

There are many situations when we need a dependable, reliable and high-qualityCertified Translation Service. Either we need to go abroad, we want to get married or we want to show our expertise in a field, a certified translator will be needed. Thankfully, we are here to help. Our company offers immediate access to high quality Certified Translation Services you can rely on.

What are Certified Translation Services?

These services are designed for official uses. In this situation, you need to show that the translation is very accurate and complete. Certified Translation Services cover things like a patent translation service, document translations, death certificate translations, academic script translation and many others.

It’s the job of the Certified Translation Services provider to ensure that the translation is literal and everything stays intact. The text can’t be altered in any way, and the meaning of the text will remain the same. Even something as simple as changing the nuance of the text is not allowed. That’s because a Certified Translation is official, and it won’t be accepted if there are even the slightest differences.

That’s why Certified Translation Services can only be provided by vetted experts with a lot of experience in this field. There’s no room for error, and you will have an authorized signer that will assure you the document is properly translated and ready to be used abroad. You need things like legal document translation services that are fully certified, otherwise that document will not be valid.

Why should you use Certified Translation Services?

The most important benefit you receive is that you will have a fully certified translation you can use anywhere in the world. Our service offers translation for all language pairs, such as Spanish to English, English to Spanish, Farsi to English, Hebrew to English, German to English, French to English and many others. Once you receive support for so many language combinations, you will have no problem getting an amazing result. And on top of that, there’s no need to worry about text accuracy either.

One of the top advantages of using Certified Translation Services is that your document is recognized abroad. That certainly comes in handy, as many countries will request important documents to be translated as quickly as possible. If you work with a professional translator, then you get the job done faster and with better efficiency. You also get to save more time, and in the end that’s one of the major benefits that you can ever get!

We recommend you to use a Certified Translation Service today if you want to have internationally recognized birth certificates, driver’s license, bachelor or high school diplomas, registration cards, marriage certificates, commercial registration documents and many others. We cover all of that and so much more, and we always deliver the utmost accuracy with every translation. All you have to do is to contact us today, and we guarantee you will have a very good experience. And since we cover a variety of language pairs, you will have the proper translation you always needed very quickly!


What Is Patent Translation? Quick Guide to Patent Translation

Last year in the USA according to Statista there were 370,434 patents granted in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

In the world of patent translation we know how important it is when millions of dollars, crucial research, and major businesses hang on the result, that accuracy and expertise in your subject are paramount.

But for those of you who need the services of expert translators, let’s dive a little deeper into exactly what patent translation is and answer some of your questions.

Who needs patent translation?

In our more global business platforms, companies are competing with competitors far and wide. Taking your business offering on the world’s stage is often a necessity to remain competitive and also to harness the power of the global marketplace.

Supporting innovation

Innovation, new ideas, and development are crucial to moving forwards in any industry, and having access to customers across the world is an essential part of the business for many organizations.

Global audiences

The patents required for these brand new innovative ideas and products are an important part of the process to enable businesses to be accessed by global audiences.

Translation of the patents into international languages is essential in order to compete and deliver great new ideas into foreign markets.

Patents in other countries

Patent translation will help the innovator to obtain patent rights in other countries and forward plans to make business in countries other than the patent holders’ home, a reality.

A professional patent translator will also be on hand to help with the complexities of translating patents into other languages.


Another reason that skilled and accurate patent translators are required is that usually when an application for a patent is filed in a foreign country and subsequently granted, the owner of the patent has a very small time window in which to complete the translation process.

So now we’ve understood a little more about why a company may be seeking to obtain the translation of a patent, you might be wondering how many countries the patent can cover, in terms of the different languages documents may have to be translated into. Let’s take a look.

How many countries can one patent cover?

With an initial single international patent application in one language, the inventor can have patent protection valid in about 148 countries. It facilitates the initial processing of the patent application but will also require accurate translation in different languages when the application reaches the national level.

Now that we understand a little more about the background of what patent translation is, let’s take a look at why global businesses and other kinds of organizations require the services of skilled patent translators.

Why do we need patent translation?

Patent documents can be extremely complex and translating them is a specialized skill.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, more commonly known as WIPO, it’s clear that more and more companies require patents to be translated.

From the total amount of granted patents last year in 2019, over two-thirds of those were filed in other countries.

These statistics clearly show that the need for swift, accurate, and professional patent translation services, in order to meet the time constraints within the translation process and start the journey from new idea to a successful business.

And finally…

We are a certified translation service with many years of experience and offer our clients a 24-hour customer service line including both chat and email to help you with patent queries and requests at any time, wherever you are in the world.

We can help you with every aspect of the patent translation process. From entrepreneurial patent owners right through to medium businesses and larger corporate requirements. We pride ourselves on high-quality, swift service along with competitive pricing.

Get in touch with one of our expert team today to start your patent translation journey.


Lease Abstraction Translation Service

There are many different situations when you need translation services in real estate. Our company understands that which is why we created a professional service focused specifically on lease abstraction. Our focus is to bring you the best quality and value with every service, while also making sure that you are happy with the results. Our commitment is to professionalism, and you can rely on us to make this process simple and very convenient.

The way we help is we provide a linguist that will read every page of the multilingual document, he will abstract the necessary information and translate it into the desired language. Once that is done, it’s all inserted into a template. That’s the thing that matters, it helps a lot and it will just bring in front the utmost value and quality that you want without any worries.

Summarizing content and extracting it adequately is a crucial thing to consider, and that’s why you need a good Lease Abstraction Translation Service. We can do that for you, as you focus on the best results.

Property Transcription Services

Since the real estate world is ever-changing, you always find yourself needing the best Property Transcription Services. We are here to help, and we know how to offer the best and highest quality solutions that you may need. We work closely with real estate agents, letting agents, surveyors, inventory clerks or property management services. Our focus is to offer you the utmost efficiency and value, and we always make sure that our customers get the transcription they need at the highest level.

Many times, real estate transactions will end up relying on Property Transcription Services, as they include a person that speaks a foreign language. Working with a professional does help a lot, it eliminates the hassle, and it will certainly bring in front a sense of high quality and reliability. It’s well worth it because it conveys that sense of value and control you do not want to miss.

Insurance Transcription

There are also situations when you will need to access Insurance Transcription services. These are crucial because you can transcript recorded statements, investigation and note probes, file reports and summaries as well as property damage or theft reports. In the insurance industry there’s always need for transcription services, and we are here to make sure that you can access everything you need fast and easy.

When it comes to the real estate and insurance world, working with the best translators and transcriptionists is very important. The information needs to be accurate and to the point, which is why working with an expert is the right thing to do. We are here to help with any inquiries and you can rely on our team to give you the efficiency and support that you may need. We know that challenges always appear, which is why we have the best transcription and translation experts on the market. You just have to work closely with us and results can be stunning every time. Please visit our website or email us: for any translation & transcription needs.


Birth Certificate Translation

One of the legal formalities when you get married, apply for a school abroad or when you want to work in another country is getting a Birth Certificate Translation. This type of document translations is pivotal, and you will find it very useful in a vast range of legal activities. One thing to note about Birth Certificate Translation is the fact that it’s required for academic reasons, getting a VISA, immigration and even passport office usage.

Why is Birth Certificate Translation important?

One of the most important aspects of Birth Certificate Translation is the fact that this document translation can help you fulfill many legal requirements very quickly. It’s a comprehensive and professional solution to help you fulfill your dreams. That’s especially true if you go to a new country. Thankfully, we provide French to English, German to English, Farsi to English, Arabic to English and many other Birth Certificate Translation services. As a result, you can translate your document quickly and without any hassle, all while keeping the costs as low as possible all the time.

We believe that it’s incredibly important to ensure the translations are very accurate. That’s important for the Birth Certificate Translation in particular, because it’s a legal document so it should always have a formal meaning, and everything needs to be translated to the letter.

Accuracy is key

The great thing about Birth Certificate Translation is that this is a very dependable service and one that you can reuse for academic, legal or personal reasons. At the end of the day, accuracy is key for us and we only have the best translators on the market for just about any language combination. It will help bring in the best experience, all while keeping the costs as low as possible.

Accompanied by a Transaption Certificate of Accuracy

It’s very important for us to show the legitimacy of the document and the fact that all the information listed on it is accurate and to the point. This shows the document is a true representation of the original, and you will not have to worry about misinterpretation. All you need is to test our services right away and we guarantee that you will have an amazing experience every time. Nothing is impossible if you choose to work with our team, and we have the knowledge and expertise needed to help.

We also provide Legal translation or Notarized translation services to ensure you are always receiving the utmost value and professionalism. In addition, we are here to ensure that your Birth Certificate Translation has the right document format and it will adhere to any possible requirements all the time. All you have to do is to give our translation service a try for yourself and see the results for yourself.

You can upload your documents electronically and we will translate everything as fast as possible. The Birth Certificate Translation is designed with quality and value in mind, and you will be incredibly impressed with the attention to detail and complete accuracy. Our translations are to the point and universally accepted. Avail this offer and give TRANSAPTION a try today!!

Please visit our website or email us at for any inquires. We are available 24/7 Customer service for all your Translation, Transcription & Interpretation needs.