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At Transaption, we are familiar with the complexities of Chinese to English translations. That’s why we have a team of native Chinese translators who are handpicked for their expertise and extensive experience. They are not only well-versed in both languages, but also understand cultural, syntactic and linguistic intricacies being involved when performing translations.


Our timely and accurate Chinese to English and vice-versa translation services are available for various domains, including, law, medical, IT, business, academic and personal needs.

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Always Prefer Chinese Translators over Software or Tools

With nearly 1.2 billion speakers across the world, Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. Mandarin is the standard and literary form of Chinese. It is also the largest language in the terms of purchasing power parity, according to International Monetary Fund statistics. China being a global power has business links across the world. That’s why professional Chinese translation has become an important part for the traders aiming in Chinese markets. The translation services are also important for the Chinese traders looking for a business in English speaking nations like the USA. Besides, translation services come handy for the documents required for immigration, traveling, medical records and personal use.

But Chinese translations are challenging work. Unlike English, there is no letter case, plural forms or tense in Chinese. Top of that, there are many Chinese dialects like Mandarin, Cantonese and Traditional Chinese.

Using an online translating software or tool will produce ridiculous output with poor word order in a sentence. Therefore, you should count on a professional Chinese English translator to get your documents translated correctly from English to Chinese.


We have a team of native linguists for all of our Chinese translation services. Plus, they have industry-specific knowledge and expertise in their subject matter to meet your unique business translation needs. They make sure to keep the original nuances of the language intact while translating from English to Chinese and vice-versa.

We are committed to working within your deadlines. We accept your project in all formats and deliver it on time with complete accuracy.

Your confidential and important information will be safe with us. We sign Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) if required.

No hidden charges. No extras. Our prices for translations services are simple and reasonable.

We are always on our toe when it comes to providing efficient customer support. Our 24/7 customer support ensures quick to respond to your queries.

Our 3-Tier Quality Check Model for Maximum Accuracy

We have a 3 tier quality check model in place for ensuring you maximum accuracy on our translation services. Here’s how it works…


Your document or requirements are assigned to a translator.


Once the document is translated, it is sent for proofreading session.


Our quality analysts test the document for accuracy and client satisfaction. Once we make sure that it is accurate, it is sent to you via mail.

What Our Chinese-English Translation Services Include…

  Business: Documentation, CRM system and Marketing Materials

  Technical: User Manuals, Product Specifications and More.

  Legal: Contracts, Copyright and Trademark, Patent applications and Wills/Trusts

  Medical: Clinical Report, Hospital Discharge, Tests, Prescription and More

  Finance: Tax Filings, Annual Reports, and Financial Documents.

  Documents for Personal Use

and many more…

We Support Varied Formats

Input Formats Output Formats
MP3, MP4, VOB, PDF, WMA, AMR, OGG, WAV and more. .docx, .pdf and many other custom file formats.

We offer captioning services in all major world languages. Plus, we have international staff.

English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, German, Arabic.

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