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Transaption offers high quality translation from Indonesian to English and vice versa with a quick turnaround.

We make sure that all information and nuances are properly communicated. Thanks to our native Indonesian translators who are not only linguists and language enthusiasts, but also carry expertise at particular subjects, such as law, business, physics, medical, IT and more.

A rigorous quality check is performed to ensure accuracy and consistency in the translated document. This way, we help you deliver your message accurately to Indonesian communities or market.


We accept your documents for translations in any format, from MS Word, HTML, and PDF to other formats. Experienced translators, reasonable pricing, and total customer satisfaction are guaranteed with our translation services.

Why Choose Our Professionals over Online Translation Tools?

Indonesian or Bahasa is the national and official language of Indonesia. It is spoken by nearly 240 million people across the world. The language has been originated from the Classical Malay language being spoken in the Riau-Johor Sultanate. The Indonesian language comes under the category of the Western Malayo-Polynesian subgroup.

Therefore, translating from English to Indonesian or vice versa is a challenging task. Top of that, Indonesian is spoken with a range of local dialects like Javanese, Chinese, Sundanese, and Balinese.

And we at Transaption are always ready for such complicated translation work. We have a team of native Indonesian speakers who can efficiently and precisely translate between these two language pairs.

What Our Professional Indonesian Translation Services Include?

We translate Indonesian to English and vice versa for….

  Medical Translations

  Finance Translations

  Technical Translations

  Legal Translations

  Translation for Personal Needs


To keep your translation work authentic and precise, we rely on our team of native English Indonesian Translators. Once the document is translated, it goes through a quality check to ensure the accurate and high-quality end product.

No hidden fees. No contracts. Our prices are simple and flat. Plus, discounts are available for students, NPO and on bulk orders as well.

We work within your timeline. No matter the volume or time, our high-quality translation services are provided with a quick turnaround.

Your documents will be kept confidential. We sign Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) if required.

You will be backed by our 24/7 support even after the completion of your project.

How It Works?

  Send us your documents for translations via email or through our contact form.

  Once we receive your project, it will be assigned to the translators according to your requirements.

  The translator will send it to proofreaders for quality check and editing.

  Once we make sure that it is accurate, it will be sent to you via mail and we will notify you for the same.


To ensure high-quality translation services, we have a 3 Tier Quality Control Model in place. It is operated into the steps given below…


The document is translated into the said languages by our professional translators.


The translated work is then thoroughly checked and verified by proofreaders.


Last but not least—it goes through strict quality analysts tests. The document is sent to you after being tested in all stages of our quality check model.

We Support Varied Formats

Input Formats Output Formats
MP3, MP4, VOB, PDF, WMA, AMR, OGG, WAV and more. .docx, .pdf and many other custom file formats.

We offer captioning services in all major world languages. Plus, we have international staff.

English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, German, Arabic.

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  New York

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