Certified Foreign Language Transcription Services

Do you have an audio or a video in a foreign language that you want transcribed in your native language? We have you covered with our top-notch foreign language transcription service.

Our representatives will discuss your project and requirements while walking you through the transcription process.

Below are listed four most commonly requested languages (besides English) you can see for reference.

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Let Transaption Take Spanish Transcription Strain

  Habla español? Transaption offers Spanish transcription services. Spanish translation involves an audio recording of a presentation or interview, or any legal discussion in Spanish, and further transcribing it to an English text document.

  Our professional Spanish transcriptionists can transcribe verbatim, track multiple speakers, or add time stamps and time codes. Moreover, each file is reviewed by our experienced Spanish linguists at least twice for maximum quality assurance.

  We calculate Spanish transcription rates as per minute of audio, without any hidden or extra charges. Our Spanish linguists and transcriptionists have knowledge of country-specific, region-specific, and of city-specific dialects. Whether you’re from Mexico, Spain, Caribbean, or South America, we’ve got you covered.

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Don’t Stress, Get Chinese Transcription Service

  Nǐ hǎo! Your interviews, focus groups, and other recordings that are conducted in Chinese can be easily transcribed into the Chinese text document. Transaption handles the time-consuming task of transcribing and typing everything for you, leaving you at ease of only cutting and pasting the text wherever you want.

  Time stamps, verbatim transcription, time codes, and tracking multiple speakers - we offer all these features for our Chinese transcription services, like as we do for other standard transcriptions.

  All you need to do is send us the document, and we will transcribe it within a few days, depending on its length.

Come To Us for Arabic Transcription Service

  Marhabaan! Transaption helps you with all sorts of transcription requirements - whether you want transcription for Arabic interviews, time stamps, time, codes, or focus groups. Arabic transcription means to understand an Arabic interview and transcribe it as an English text document.

  You can upload your project file on our website, we will transcribe it, and further send notification to you for download. The Arabic transcription rates are calculated per minute of your uploaded audio - we don’t charge anything extra for our services.

  Arabic transcription services by our transcriptionists and linguistics are offered as per country-specific, city-specific, and region-specific dialect.

French Transcription in Utmost Accuracy

  Transaption has expanded its transcription services to include French. We take up your audio recording of an interview or any other conversation in French to further convert it into a French text document. This allows you to skip the confusing tasks of listening, rewinding, typing, etc.

  Our French transcription service is similar to our standard services, which includes adding time codes or time stamps, tracking multiple speakers, or providing a verbatim transcription.

  Our French transcription rates simply calculated - as per minute of audio, without any hidden add-on taxes or extra charges.

  Apart from these languages that we are mostly requested for transcription we also excel at transcribing German, Japanese, and more.

Benefits of Transaption Language Transcription Services

   We offer flexible transcription services for English and different foreign language transcription requirements. Our experts are fluent in US, UK and Aussy accents to ensure you best results

   We offer 100% human-generated transcription services without relying on machines or software

   We offer cost-effective pricing model, which is based on per minute of the audio and no hidden charges or extra taxes are involved

   We support languages including French, English, Spanish, Arabic, German, Chinese, Japanese, and more

We support multiple file formats for video and audio content, these include

Input Formats Output Formats
MP3, MP4, VOB, PDF, WMA, AMR, OGG, WAV and more. .docx, .pdf and many other custom file formats.

We support files in different languages

English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, German, Arabic.

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We offer Quick Turnaround on Transcripts

Whether you want an audio/video language transcription for YouTube videos, CDs, or any other audio or video service, feel free to contact us anytime. Our professional transcriptionists are here to offer accurate, fast, and reliable transcription services 24/7/365.

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