100% Human-Generated and Affordable Legal Transcription Services

  Transaption offers cost-effective, bespoke, accurate, and reliable legal transcription services thanks to our accomplished and capable law transcriptionists who are well versed with the terminology used in the legal profession.

  We specialize in providing all types of legal transcribing services to judges, solicitors, copywriters, barristers, expert witnesses and other professional involved in the legal profession.

  If you’re an attorney or a paralegal we have you covered with state-of-the-art transcription services carried out by humans – we do not rely of software for transcribing your content.

  All transcriptions are undertaken by professional and well-versed transcriptionists and linguists in law and other legal industries. Our specialized areas include litigation, crime, personal injury, child law, family, immigration, residential conveyancing, and company commercial.

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Upload your digital recording on our server and we will further provide you the accurate human-based transcripts of the documents/audio/video in any format of choice at very competitive rate.

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How We Maintain Legal Transcription Accuracy

At Transaption, we strive to main accuracy in whatever transcription work we do. This we ensure with a three-point solution listed below:

1. Upload Audio/Video Files

Firstly, we request our customers to upload their audio or video files from their devices on to our servers. Then select the length of the file and other information that is mentioned in the form and submit.

2. Our Professional Team Gets to Work

After receiving your file, our professionals begin to transcribe your files 24/7 with 99% accuracy and 100% guaranteed work.

3. Receive Your Transcript

Your transcripts are delivered as an editable document in your email after completion. You can download it after making a payment for the transcription service.

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We provide you transcripts for several legal recordings including:

   Court Hearings/Proceedings

  Pleadings and Investigations



  Employment Hearings

   Interviews/Administrative Hearings

   Memos, Letters, and other Correspondence

   Police Reports

   Telephone Recordings

Being a professional and experienced legal transcription firm, we meet your demanding deadlines - STAT or urgent requirements within five days. You need to decide how quickly you want your document back. We offer you customizable turnaround times anywhere in 24 hours or less.

Why You Should Choose Transaption for Legal Transcription?

We can’t stress enough on the fact that we are one of the finest transcription services providers on the internet. Our services are tailored for all legal requirement without the barrier of time and distance. You could be sitting on the other side of the world and still avail our facilities which is:

We provide our clients with the 100% human-generated transcription services. We don’t rely on any software or machine for transcription.

We offer flexible transcription services as per the client’s demand and requirements. We make due effort to meet specific deadlines, transcribe in language of choice with utmost precision and accuracy.

We offer reasonable rates for our high-quality services. The pricing depends on per minute of the audio, there are no hidden charges or extra taxes involved.

We support multiple file formats for video and audio content, these include

Input Formats Output Formats
MP3, MP4, VOB, PDF, WMA, AMR, OGG, WAV and more. .docx, .pdf and many other custom file formats.

We support files in different languages

English, French,Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Arabic.

Get Fast, Accurate, Reliable Interview Transcription services in different parts of the world









  New Jersey

  New York

  North Carolina- only translation






  Canada- Ontario ( Toronto)

  British Columbia (Vancouver)

We Offer Quick Turnaround on Legal Transcripts

Our professional transcriptionists waste no time and begin as soon as you submit your order. The transcriptionists are available 24/7 to accurately convert your audio or video in to textual format.

If you want a transcript for an interview on the next working day, submit it before going to bed and you will get it on-time before your meeting or presentation.

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