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In a field where accuracy and speed matter due to the difference between life and death, Transaption’s highly professional and qualified medical transcriptionists take utmost care when transcribing your files. We assure 99% accuracy, 100% guaranteed job satisfaction and prompt turnaround time.

Transaption’s medical transcription services are provided 100% by humans, without relying on machines or software. Each transcript is thoroughly reviewed by our reliable quality team, ensuring best results to the clients. With maximum speed and high-quality work at the best possible price, we strive to achieve customer satisfaction.

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We Provide Medical Transcription Services You Can Trust

   Medical transcription is a manual process of voice reports (in audio or video format) that are dictated by physicians or other healthcare professionals into textual document or format.

   At Transaption, our professional team consists of experienced transcriptionists, quality assurance managers, editors, and customer service agents to deliver best results. You can upload your dictation taken through telephone or other medium on to our servers, from where it will be picked by our team of dedicated transcriptionists who will run their magic and transcribe the file in the format and language of your choice.

Transaption Ensures Utmost Transcription Accuracy

We are a people’s company, thus we value your time and have made the entire transcription process really simple and effective for you. Our process involves three major steps and minimum time on your part. Following are the steps followed:

1. Upload the file to transcribe

Firstly, we request our customers to upload their audio or video files from their devices on to our servers. Then select the length of the file and other information that is mentioned in the form and submit.

2. We work on the file(s) to transcribe

The uploaded data is then accessed by our transcriptionists, editors, and quality assurance managers to deliver an accurate transcript.

3. File available for download

Once the transcription work is completed by our team, we send a notification to your email or phone number with the download link to the transcribed file. You can download your file after clearing payment for our services.

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Benefits of Transaption’s Medical Transcription Services

   Easy-to-use and powerful internet-based medical transcription

   Rapid delivery of documents while meeting the turn-around time

   Regular service for files uploaded at any time of the day and returned as per your deadline

   Overflow service is offered on those weeks when the clients can’t keep up with their workload, clients are ill, or clients’ staff is on leave/vacation

   Backlog service is intended to eliminate the backlog of dictations. We provide you on-time transcripts without any delay in your routine work

   EMR integration service

These strengths allow us at Transaption to provide timely and accurate transcripts to suit hospitals’ requirements and individual needs.

Why Transaption is Top Choice for Medical Transcription Services

   We offer medical representatives and other clients with 100% human-based transcription services. We don’t depend on machine or software of transcription.

   We work 24/7 to meet any deadline that’s thrown at us, without any delay or commitment issues.

   We offer high-quality services at affordable prices, which are based on per minute of the audio/video. We don’t take any hidden charges or extra taxes for our services. All the service charges are transparent.

We support multiple file formats for video and audio content, these include

Input Formats Output Formats
MP3, MP4, VOB, PDF, WMA, AMR, OGG, WAV and more. .docx, .pdf and many other custom file formats.

We support files in different languages

English, French,Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Arabic.

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Transaption is involved in medical billing service, which is dedicated at reducing a client’s receivables. We work with the client and their staff to help improve the billing operation - relieving a person dedicated to billing duties for other chores.

Even though our service is designed in a manner to quickly obtain full financial reimbursement for services provided to patients, we do not resort to any breach of ethics and maintain highest level of compliance and integrity.

Our mission is to quickly obtain the full financial reimbursement for services provided to patients, while maintaining the highest levels of integrity, compliance, and ethics.

Transaption general fee schedule and pricing is calculated to consider each unique client. We strive to provide the best service/cost to our customers.

A standard billing contract includes the following and is priced at minimal percentage of recovered value:

   Insurance billing

   Post payments

   Follow-up for unpaid/denied claims

   Resubmit rejected claims

   A/R Management

   Patient Statements HCFA 1500 forms (New with NPI)

   Standard Practice Reports

   Billing done to your schedule

   Electronic submission Fully HIPAA and New NPI compliance

   Only current and valid ICD and CPT codes are used

Transaption Benefits:

   Increased productivity - more claims processed using less office time; reduced paperwork in the office

   Processing to a schedule - claims are processed when you want them processed, eliminating backlogs and maximizing effort

   Improved accuracy - we are client centered, dedicated to providing clients with the finest billing, receivables management and collections

   Comprehensive Reports, monthly or in "real-time"

   Fixed cost for billing

   Improved, increased cash flow Real time Charge Capture at Point of Care (for providers with EMR option)

   Dedicated Account Manager

   Electronic Health Records

Transcription Services Anytime, Anywhere

We offer high-quality medical transcription services to healthcare providers and medical students to get the maximum output from their work. Our professional transcriptionists and quality analysts offer rapid, accurate, and reliable medical transcription services 24/7, throughout the year.

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