Hassle Free and Cost-Effective Telephone Interpreting Services

Do you require on-demand or regular telephone interpreter service? If so, Transaption is the solution for you. We are one of the fastest growing over the phone interpretation companies. We interpret for hospitals, law firms, call centers, offices, courtrooms and more.

Our team of experienced phone interpreters are familiar with legal, industry and medical terms and jargon relating to various specialties. They are well versed in the art of interpreting speech patterns, accents, and dialects, which makes the work so much easy, and minimizes scope for errors.

Telephone Interpreting Services with 24/7 Access to Over 170 Languages

   Our telephone interpreting service is cost effective and we are available 24/7 for even last minute face-to-face interpreting needs.

   Through over-the-phone-interpreting or remote interpreting (as some may know it), we provide interpreting services via telephone links between different parties in different locations in over 170 languages.

Languages We Support:

Transaption’s telephone interpreting services are available no matter where you, or the other party, are in the world. Our interpreters only require clear, uninterrupted phone access and they deliver word-to-word translation, which is reliable and accurate.

Our telephone interpreting service is your most effective and simplest way to communicate with a speaker (not speaking a language you speak) in real time over a phone call.

On-Demand, Experienced Phone Interpreter for all Requests

Your search to find an interpreter for phone calls ends here at Transaption because we have a range of experienced translators in our team which include, but are not limited to, Chinese interpreter, Chinese English interpreter, Japanese interpreter, French interpreter, medical interpreter, legal interpreter and court interpreter.

Hire Our Telephone Interpreter to communicate with person who's not at your location

All businesses, weather big or small only flourish on global scale by communication with business associates, venders and many other people from different cultural backgrounds and languages. This is the reason that a telephone interpreter to understand the calls from a speaker of different nationality and language is necessary.

Critical services including telephone interpretation must always be outsourced to recognized and trustworthy service provider like us, so that your information is secure, the interpretation is point on and the turnaround time is minimum. Other benefits of involving our resources and human talent to help you bridge the language gap include:

   We provide the best over-the-phone interpretation services in more than 170 languages, thus, no matter what the language is, we help you overcome the language barriers on the go.

   Our telephone interpretation services are the best in the industry, simply because we maintain utmost confidentiality and provide quality services, time and again.

   Telephone interpretation is conducted over a phone, and this is perhaps why having rapid connection time is important, we provide quick connection time, and you are free to speak in any language of your choice with our expert interpret it, they know them all and can interpret quickly, accurately and reliably

How to use our service

If you are aware ahead of time that you may require our telephone interpretation services, just pick you phone and dial our number to schedule an appointment with an expert interpreter.

If you were unaware of the need for a phone interpreter earlier, and you are calling us at the last minute, don’t worry - our team at Transaption will jump into action.

We Support Various Formats

Input Formats Output Formats
MP3, MP4, VOB, PDF, WMA, AMR, OGG, WAV and more. .docx, .pdf and many other custom file formats.

We support files in different languages

English, French,Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Arabic.

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