USCIS Certified and Legal Translation Services At Your Doorstep

Have been on a lookout for immigration and legal document translation services? Are you an immigrant searching for certified USCIS translations?

Such types of documents are generally written in their native language that might be different from the language spoken in the host country. To get them translated you need specialized services which are meant to handle your legal and immigration document translations with ease. At Transaption, we have a vast experience in handling USCIS certified translations which incorporate tens of thousands of documents.

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Top Notch Quality Immigration and Legal Translation services

When it comes to legal translation services, it is essential to have knowledge of legal terminology, law, legal language, and legalese. USCIS certified translation services require accuracy and skills. While different states and countries create documents in different languages, there arises a need of official translation services.

With our best translation services you can make your documents readable in a range of languages. We are offering immigration and legal translation services for documents like,




  Insurance papers


  Marriage certificates


  Legal and court proceedings

Whether you want to translate any of these documents from Spanish to English or English to German, Transaption can get it done in your choice of language.

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We Provide Best Legal Translation Services To All Industries

Your search for a legal translator or a certified translator comes to an end. Immigration and legal document requirements differ from country to country. We promise you the highest quality levels for translations.

As legal and immigrations processes require professional and accurate translation, we make sure that you receive nothing less than the best. We can help you to complete the certified translation for USCIS. Also you can consider us when you want to turn them into legal documents as per the USCIS standards.

Any failure in terms of exclusion or mistranslation of the document can cause delays in the immigration case. To avoid this you need the finest translations to be performed. We proudly serve you with highest quality standards.

We understand the value of your time. You can ask for an instant quote and our team will provide you with translated documents at the earliest.

Having experience in handling wide range of translation files and formats, we accept all formats including.html, .xliff, .po and .yaml files.

Our translators possess high qualification and experience. At Transaption you will get certified translations which are accepted for immigration purposes. With expert approach and in-depth knowledge, we are one stop solution for your immigration and legal requirements.

We Support Varied Formats

Input Formats Output Formats
MP3, MP4, VOB, PDF, WMA, AMR, OGG, WAV and more. .docx, .pdf and many other custom file formats.

We offer captioning services in all major world languages. Plus, we have international staff.

English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, German, Arabic.

Where to Find Our Reliable Transcription Services?









  New Jersey

  New York

  North Carolina- only translation






  Canada- Ontario ( Toronto)

  British Columbia (Vancouver)


Transaption has a team of multicultural and linguistic professionals who have expertise and industry specific knowledge. Your legal document translations are carried out in a way that nothing gets lost in the official document translation. We can handle your insurance, financial, technical, and medical document translations.

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