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Assist your callers through professional IVR (Interactive Voice Response) services with a skilled voice-over talent available right here Transaption.

Backed by experienceand the latest technology, we ensure high-quality voice productions to our clients. We make sure that your message is delivered in the way as it's intended to be.

With our superior quality IVR recordings available to our clients at competitive prices along with quick customer support, we are committed to living up to the expectations of our clients.

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Our IVR voice-overs and recording services are produced at our state of the art studio to ensure superior quality audio being free of inhalations, tonal impurities, distractions, noises and hissing sounds.

What Are IVR Voice Recordings?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response and is defined as a prerecorded voice that appears when the company’s number is dialed. The automated voice route the calls to the various departments or appropriate agents. For example, the caller may be asked to press certain numbers to follow the instructions.

Why IVR Voice Services are Important for Your Business?

More and more organizations are implementing an IVR voice facility for many reasons. First of all, it helps them save costs as they can use the recorded voice over and over again without hiring a telephone representative. As it provides customer information automatically, there is little to no need for additional representative training.

Secondly, it lets them provide customers 24/7 access to their services. It eliminates the need for outsourcing your phone messaging system abroad as it provides your native speaker in the language your customers speak.

Another benefit is that customers can skip unnecessary options, thereby helping them retain their patience while on the line. It also gives the option of a callback when their wait time is long. IVR is suitable for the customers on the run, letting them access support even when they are in a physical store. This way, they are more likely to buy when their queries are resolved. When customers are directed towards the efficient agents through IVR, productivity goes up, letting agents fix queries quickly and help more customers as required.

This is why IVR recording services are popular among the businesses of all size. It helps them minimize overall expenditures made on services, queries, collection, customer support, etc.

Our IVR Voice-Over Services are Available

  Banking services

  Automated payment systems

  Account information to consumers




  Call routing


And many more…

How We Process Your IVR Recordings

  Send us your requirements via mail or this ONLINE FORM.

  Once we receive it, we will be back to discuss your needs in details.

  Your IVR recordings will be done at our studio equipped with the latest tools and sound machines.

  The audio file is then sent to our sound engineer who eliminates breaths, noises, and other distractions to make it more clear and crisp.

  The files are then compressed using advanced software.

  Lastly, the file is sent to you for approval and download.

Why Choose Our IVR Voice Overs and Recording Services

Voices over talents are the backbone of our services. They have years of experience and amazing vocal skills to meet your expectations.

Whether you are looking for IVR voice over in English, Arabic or Chinese, we offer IVR voice services in all major world languages.

All IVR recordings are done and processed at our state of the art sound studio equipped with the latest tools and sound machines.

No hidden charges. No extras. We have set flat prices for our IVR services.

Our effective online IVR voice services ensure quick turnaround and you can get your project in a day or two.

We Support Varied Formats

Input Formats Output Formats
MP3, MP4, VOB, PDF, WMA, AMR, OGG, WAV and more. .docx, .pdf and many other custom file formats.

We Support Different Languages

English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, German, Arabic.

Where to Find Our Reliable Transcription Services?









  New Jersey

  New York

  North Carolina- only translation






  Canada- Ontario ( Toronto)

  British Columbia (Vancouver)

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For superior quality IVR voice services, contact us at 1-888-999-8628 or you can fill the form given here. Send your requirements to us and we will provide you satisfactory results in quick turnaround time. We make sure that our IVR voice artists and technicians perfectly meet your requirements.

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